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    It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.

    Posted by Mike Weaver on Nov 8, 2021 5:30:00 PM

    Is your Legal Service vendor protecting your firm’s reputation? Does working with a vendor that has a less than positive reputation impact your firm?  Of course, it does! 

    Running a client first company, I’m always on the lookout to see how other companies measure up and if they are Client First.   So, what could Warren Buffett, my Mother, Your Firm’s Reputation, and Service of Process have in common, well let me tell you...

    “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently”, Warren Buffett

    “You are known by the company you keep”, Doris Weaver

    While the quotes are different, they both communicate the same principle, your reputation is everything. The picture that I used for this blog is the earliest known picture of me and my mom.  Mom wasn’t the Oracle of Omaha, but she did know a thing or two about managing your reputation. Growing up in Omaha Nebraska, I suspect that Warren Buffett often heard the same thing from his parents too.   Where I grew up in the Southwest part of Virginia, you managed your reputation by how you carried out your daily life.  Your actions spoke louder than your words. I can remember on multiple occasions when I would ask to go somewhere or do something, and I would get told “No”.  If I dared to ask for more details, I would often hear “You are known by the company you keep.”  

    Recently, I was at a Creditor Rights conference in Delray Beach Florida.  During the initial session, one of the moderators asked the group of attorneys to share some of the challenges they are facing in their business.  The very first attorney that spoke went on a five-minute rant about how horrible their Service of Process vendor was performing.  They were providing inaccurate returns, missing timelines, and providing poor customer service to name a few of the issues mentioned.  Then other attorneys began to pile on with similar experiences  about the lack of performance of two of my biggest competitors.  As I was listening to this, I wondered why two service companies would not do more to ensure a great customer service experience or just do their job.  As the conference continued, it was obvious their reputation was ruined in under 5 minutes.

    Every one of 360 Legal’s clients will provide us with a positive recommendation. How many companies can say that?  Are you doing everything you can to guard your firm’s reputation?  Does working with a vendor that has a less than positive reputation impact your firm?  Of course, it does!  Often your Service of Process vendor provides the first contact you have with the parties you are filing suit.  If that encounter is handled poorly or inaccurate information is returned to you.  How does that impact your collection efforts? How many court dates are you missing because service hasn’t been completed properly?  How does that lack of performance reflect on your firm with YOUR Clients? Are your clients happy?

    When I started 360 Legal, my goal was to create a different type of legal service company, Client First.  Our laser focus at 360 Legal is meeting the needs of our clients.  Because of that, every one of our clients will provide us a positive reference, every last one!  We achieve that with our Experience, Reliability, Comprehensive Services, and Industry Leading Technology.  We believe in this strongly.  So much so that we developed a shared set of operating principles focused on Client First, 360 Legal Client Code.

    If your legal service vendor has a less than stellar reputation, is not meeting your performance standards, or is providing poor customer service.  Why are you using them?  My Mom would tell you;  “You are known by the company you keep”.  Is that how you want your firm to be represented?

    Of course you don't.  So, drop me an email, give us a call at (888) 360-5345.  360 Legal, will make the insanity stop.  You don’t have to settle for Client eventually customer service or poor performance, there are other options in the marketplace.  We will show you the difference working with a Client First vendor can make for your firm.

    You, your firm, your clients, and your staff deserve better!

    Call Us (888) 360-5345.

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