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    What Rules Govern a Process Server?

    Posted by Mike Weaver on Mar 19, 2021 7:30:00 AM

    Process Servers have a long history of playing an important role in our justice system. Without them, thousands of court cases would not be able to proceed. The main reason we have process servers is because of something known as due process.


    What is Due Process?


    When our founding fathers came to America, they aimed to create laws that would govern all citizens fairly. The idea of due process aims to treat every citizen in a fair manner under our judicial system. To ensure due process there are specific rules of civil procedure courts require that one must follow. Whenever you file a lawsuit, summons and complaint, writ, or any other legal document both parties involved must be properly notified of legal action. In the legal process of collections and foreclosure, writs and summons and complaint are common documents that require personal service. 


    Florida Rules of Civil Procedure

    In 1954, Florida state legislature passed its own Rules of Civil Procedure, otherwise known as Chapter 48. Rule 1.070 outlines who may carry out process of service in the state of Florida. This law states, “Service of process in Florida may be made by an officer authorized by law to serve process such as a Special Process Server, Certified Process Server or local Sheriff.  However, the court may appoint any competent person not interested in the action to serve the process.”

    As tempting it may be to hire an individual process server agent or sheriff to complete process of service, it may not be the most reliable. An experienced and reliable process server will be a member of The National Association of Professional Process Servers (NAAPS). A professional agent for service of process also will have membership within their local state association like The Florida Association of Professional Process Servers (FAPPS). As a member of these organizations, 360 Legal has taken the proper steps to ensure accurate process of service.

    Professional process servers, like 360 Legal, are members of these professional organizations. When hiring a process server such as 360 Legal, you receive our unmatched experience, reliability and an array of comprehensive legal services.

     Here at 360 Legal, we take great pride in following all rules of civil procedure in the state of Florida, but also nationwide. Our Professional Process Servers average over a decade of experience in the legal service industry. Our years of experience and reliability ensure that the prospective laws of Civil Procedure are followed.

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    Relax, it is 360 Legal!

    At 360 Legal, our goal is to become a trusted Process Server partner for our clients.  We understand that the legal services we provide represent your firm and that frequently the Process Server is the initial contact that your firm has with a defendant.

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