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    Sometimes we all need help untangling the  e-Filing mess.

    Posted by Mike Weaver on Jun 28, 2022 8:36:34 AM

    Is your Legal Service vendor offshoring your e-Filing or other service they are providing your firm? The real answer might surprise you.

    Running a client first company, I’m always on the lookout to see how other companies measure up and if they are Client First.  How many times have you been at a gas station, restaurant, bank, or any other business where you are a customer, ordered or asked for something based on the description you were given.  However, when the order or product showed up it was not at all like what was actually described to you.  Maybe the vendor promised to deliver service or product, but never followed through with the promise or changed the core functionality.  As I go about my daily routine, I encounter way too many of these Client Last moments. Every day, I hear similar stories from the prospects that we are working with to improve their legal services and actually deliver them as promised.

    Unfortunately, most clients don’t even realize they aren't getting what they asked for until it is too late.  They have become so desensitized to unkept promises, lackluster service and support; they don’t even realize there are better alternatives.  One thing is certain, sometimes we all need help untangling the mess a vendor has made.  At 360 Legal, we are expert un-tanglers. 

    We hear it all:

    • Why is my vendor offshoring work?
    • Why aren’t my cases getting served?
    • Why can’t we get our signed affidavits?
    • Why aren’t our cases e-Filed timely/correctly?
    • Why is my vendor’s customer service poor?

    360 Legal has solutions that will untangle these messes and more. We will work with you to get your processes back into compliance and flowing smoothly again.

    One of our favorite tangles to straighten out is vendor promises that aren’t kept.  This is easy, right?  Honor your words with deeds (360 Legal Client Code).  Way too often vendors over promise and under deliver or in this case misrepresent their service.  We recently had a client that was using a third-party vendor to do their e-Filing.  They learned that their long-time vendor had been off shoring their e-Filing for some time despite repeated assurances that everything was being processed in the U.S.  Needless to say, the client was dismayed, it really put them in a very poor position. They had certified to their clients and in their compliance audits that all their vendors were 100% U.S. based, no offshoring.  They were certainly in a jam and the perception was that there wasn’t another viable alternative.

    Shortly after their discovery, we received a call from them asking if we could help.  Fortunately, 360 Legal's e-Filing solution, 360eZFile, is 100% U.S. based e-Filing solution.  Our unique solution utilizes a unique combination of AI, OCR, human intelligence, and client specific processing rules to seamlessly e-File your initial pleadings, affidavits, and supplemental documents.  Once e-Filed, the confirmation results are returned to 360TotalView or to your Case Management System via EDI.  Any rejections are reviewed and processed by our case management team here in the U.S.  360eZFile is a technology forward process flow that is monitored by U.S. based case managers to ensure cases are e-Filed correctly, efficiently and on time - every time. 

    In the default services industry, regulations and accepted practices change daily. No one likes surprises, especially unnecessary ones. The absolute last thing you need is a surprise during a compliance audit that your current e-Filing or other legal service vendor is offshoring your caseload because it saves THEM a Couple Bucks  Meanwhile, you, your firm and your employees are left holding the bag and all at risk of losing your clients or worse. 

    As a test, ask your current e-Filing vendor or Service of Process vendor if they utilize any offshore labor or subcontractors for any part of their operation.  If you get answers like "Can you be more specific?" or "Which part?"; you are being duped.  If you don’t get a straight answer or if you feel like you are getting the run around; drop me an email, give 360 Legal a call! All of 360 Legal’s services are 100% U.S. based, 100% of the time, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Working with 360 Legal, will eliminate all the gotchas, offshoring, and other compliance surprises. More importantly, we will show you the difference working with a 100% U.S. based Client First vendor can make for you, your firm, and your clients.

    If your legal service vendor is offshoring your work, is not meeting your performance standards, or is providing poor customer service.  Why are you using them?  

    360 Legal can make the insanity stop.  So, drop me an email, give us a call at (888) 360-5345.  360 Legal, will provide you a real solution.  Don’t settle for offshored work, Client eventually customer service, or poor performance.  We will show you the difference working with a Client First vendor can make for your firm.

    You, your firm, your clients, and your staff deserve better!

    Call Us (888) 360-5345.

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